Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retro color stripe

It's May already but the weather still sucks! I can't wait to wear something more light weight and colorful instead of black cashmere with long boots all the time. Going through some of my other friends' blogs made me crave for a perfect maxi dress like crazy! I've been searching and searching for the Ms. Perfect maxi for days now, and finally found this double layers dress from ASOS that barely met my standard. Apparently, the length is not long enough, but will do the job for now.

ASOS stripe double layers dress in retro blue
egg knit beanie from U.O.
Mix Hermes with F21 multi-bracelets
Ring by D&G
Lady Dior in patent cornflower blue
Shoes by Pour La Victoire


  1. 美!美!美!这裙子你穿超级有味道哇。口水你的包包,as always。

  2. Cool accessories. I love the hat, shoes, and dress. I hope the weather warms up before we all go crazy.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  3. maggie, 你的小红我也很口水,mini size的saks,bg都没有看到也,你哪里搞到的?

    Jerrica,thanks girl! wish the weather will warm up soon!

  4. 这裙子你穿的太有味道了,若隐若现的太诱人了,侧面那张曲线曼妙呀!!


  5. Ahhhh~~~~~ I love the dress. Went to asos right away and placed the order. Thank you for being such an amazing enabler! :-D

    Now back to topic, haha! I adore your interpretation of retro, these accessories give the dress a modern touch while the whole look is still very you!

  6. 妈呀这个兰太让人心水了。。。

  7. 小米,那个小红Barneys的店里面有,不过不是每家都有,我这店里一个也没有,只能从别的店调货。

  8. 谢谢铃铛,就是内张角度抓得好。。。故意的。。。@_@~


    waywewere, 童鞋,使劲的冲把!

    Maggie, 等我再纠结纠结,红色的包子太多了我!

  9. Is that a dress? Love it! I think I am gonna check out asos as well~ believe it or not~I haven't ordered anything from them since they started free shipping in US (I'm very surprised at myself). But because of your lovely outfit, I probably will make my first purchase there very soon^_*

  10. 口水ing! 墨镜哪家的? link link!