Friday, April 22, 2011

Less is more and more than ever!

The weather really became strange these days. It’s almost the end of April but spring has not yet arrived. Luckily the weather had warmed up a little bit, so I finally got a chance to wear these outfit I’ve been waiting for a while to take them out from my “ waiting to be wear” closet. The chunky knit sweater has this fun boxy cut that goes perfectly along with the camel twisted knot skirt which I also got it from Gilt. Unlike the busy vibrant colors, these warm earthy hues are just more subtle. Plus its feather light weight material is perfect for this chilly late spring.

CHLOE sunglasses with a tiny star
Twenty 8 Twelve knit coat from Saks seasons ago
LEROY & PERRY Stretch sweater
Jersey twisted knot skirt by Kai-aaKmann
CHANEL aged calf leather reissue camera bag
Black knee high socks by BANANA REPUBLIC
Opening Ceremony pony hair ankle boot clog from Barneys

little star....little star...little star...


  1. 居然能在小米的博客里抢沙发

    这套太有范了,也只有你才能把这么多衣服搭配的那么好看,喜欢彩色的大毛衣,墨镜还有reissue tote!

  2. 很喜欢knot skirt,配上chunky sweater很有味道。抢你的相机包!!

  3. Wa, like your sunglass so much! Where did u get it?

  4. 墨镜配着你的小鬼脸太可爱了. 哈哈.

  5. 街阿姐,看见小星星了么?^__^

    eggspig, 给你鸡毛信了~

    Littebellring, 相机包大潮的时候难道嫩没有搞到这个?

    demia, 某人说这彩色大毛衣是丐帮帮主之must have!!!

  6. 大爱chunky knit sweater啊!鬼脸照片很可爱,很小米style

  7. 哈哈哈哈哈,谢谢阿银,说不定gilt还有呢,多多关注,他们常常有存货不时地放上去!