Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alexander wang fever

Living in new york city can be both a blessing and a curse! There are sample sales everywhere and all year round! I've tried so hard not to go to any of these sample sales for the last three years because I used to buy stuff for its cheap price but end up with not using or wearing them at all! Well, never say never! This summer, i just couldn't resist the "crazy" Alexander Wang sample sale and I've scored some goodies that i would like to share with you gals!

Sweater tunic by Alexander Wang
black cami top by Helmut lang
black lace shorts by Bocca Bocca
Alexander Wang Emiles tote
Louis Vuitton cherry coin purse
Betsey Johnson necklace
Chloe sandals


  1. denim with white shirt, my fav...
    kelly bag is such a surprise. good job MIA.

  2. 米,额心水嫩这Chole滴鞋鞋N久呢。。。下次看到类似滴,吱一声呗~~


    P.S. 看到沟沟呢。。。口水~~~

  3. 这个包纸好好看!!!我。。。我。。心动的。。太晚了。。:(

  4. to 亮, 你总是这么hzhj....

    to tutu, chloe 这个鞋子可以进博物馆了。。。真的。。

    to nicole, 都是你的菜把。。。

  5. 那那。。内个大球球项链哪里买滴,稀饭~~