Monday, September 19, 2011

My obsession of sequins

I am obsessed with many things, stuff like oversized clothing, patent leather, big statement costume jewellery, fur accessories, etc... and definitely, the sequins.

it's just hard to say no when it comes to bling bling. This pair of Zara legging is very well-made, comfortable yet edgy. I'd purchased so many different brands of sequin leggings in the past and this is the best among others. It has double layers and the lining is actually very thick so you cannot really feel the sequins are there.

Prada sunglasses
Banana Republic used t-shirt from him
Zara sequin legging
Louis Vuitton vuitton inclusion bracelet in silver and pearl
Chanel 2005 Anniversary reissue in purplish gray size 225
patent platform with no brand names


  1. 美,你喜欢的那些元素基本也是我喜欢的

  2. 哈哈,这双鞋子太cute了,哪里搞的?我喜欢!! 裤子也就你的美腿敢穿,我都不敢试。。。。

  3. haha, maybe only you can pull off this the leggings also the shoes. where did you get them?

  4. 冰壶秋月, 好像大家爱好都差不多的。。。lol~

    bellring, 鞋子是上次回国时候买的,质量很一般,凹造型还成。 ps, 你的腿没有很粗嗄。。。表那么谦虚好不好。

    nicole, 你说的是鞋子么?国内搞得,才200人刀好像。