Thursday, October 6, 2011

Say goodbye to my summer

Temperature has dropped 20 degrees since last week, i guess its time to say goodbye to my summer 2011.

Chloe pink sunglasses
Top by J&Y
silk pants by Geren Ford
Belt by CM, Hermes bracelet
Chanel Hollywood tote
Prada shoes


  1. 好喜欢这种类型的裤子

  2. 银色配蓝,很好看。我也搞到这双普拉达了,呵呵,大了点儿不过也能穿。好喜欢。。。

  3. Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. And now I see that not only one photo is cool! So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!

    xx nik

  4. love your style... hair, sunglasses, outfit... everything!! cute blog too :) love from Las Vegas!!!!!
    -jasmine 0.
    check out my blog too